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What is LuvPak™?

The LuvPak™ is a communication enhancement resource filled with interactive activities/exercises to engage couples in healthy dialogue to communicate openly, verbally and non-verbally, interact and connect more intimately, and create lasting memories.


SKU: LP2019

Why we created LuvPak™?

Couples who attended marriage workshops hosted by Power Couples (formerly CKCommitted, LLC) indicated that they wanted to communicate more effectively with their spouses. Additionally, couples expressed an interest in finding more unique ways to connect with their spouses and strengthen their relationships.


What is included in the LuvPak™?

8 – Affirmation Cards (4 per spouse)
2 – Love Notes w/ envelopes (1 per spouse)
2 – Quality Cards (1 per spouse)
2 – Compliment Cards (1 per spouse)


Experience a fresh and relevant tool to growing your relationship through effective communication. Order your LuvPak™ now! For groups of 15 or more please contact us at or at 770-881-0100 for group discount.



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