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Chris and Sonya Stone have been married for 21 years and are the proud parents of their two boys, Max & Ben.  They were extremely excited to partner with Carlos & Katherine for the launch of the Power Couples Rock Podcast in 2019.  Even though he's a 27 year veteran of the Music & Entertainment industry, Chris considers his most important "work" to be the best husband & father that he can be.  Sonya, a former nurse, teenager taxi-service and 'CEO/President of the Stone household' also prioritizes her marriage and family foremost and has a constant desire to learn how to be a better wife and mother.


"We cannot be more thrilled that Katherine and Carlos not only allowed us to be a part of Power Couples Rock, but consider it an honor to serve alongside them and continue to be inspired by their lifelong commitment to strengthening marriages through intentionality and community with a Christ-centered focus."


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