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Podcast Series - "Non-Negotiables"!

Say NO To 'The Big D?' they say? Carlos, Katherine, Chris & Sonya delve into non-negotiables in their marriages to provide frameworks to build upon in their latest podcasts.

Today marks the next chapter of the Power Couples Rock Podcast, as the "Fearless Four" continue to go forth with their mission of building a community of masterful marriages by launching a 3-part series entitled "Non-Negotiables," where they discuss topics such as divorce, marriage protection strategies around your parents and immediate family, and surrounding yourselves with a like-minded community of married couples.

"We need to be intentional about how we should be protecting this covenant relationship, and when we made a promise to each other on our wedding day, we decided to never let the word 'divorce' enter our vocabulary" - Carlos Greene, Power Couples Rock

Part 1 speaks about one of the non-negotiables as it relates to divorce and the effects it has on the entire family and community. In the second part of this series, Carlos and Katherine define how they have established boundaries around their relationship with their parents with the intent of protecting them so they can enjoy the roles they were designed to occupy. The last session of the series focuses on the importance of marriage and community. Who is part of your community and what’s the purpose of community? This will inspire you to examine your circle of friends and who you are blessed to do life with.

Power Couples Rock

The mission of Power Couples Rock is to build a collective community of couples by implementing purposeful pathways to develop masterful marriages!

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